Oh, Chrisette

Charlemagne the God now holds the blue ribbon for Biggest Troll. I’m just now getting around to watching Chrisette Michelle on The Breakfast Club and damn that shit was painful. Now I’ve only heard this woman’s name in passing these past few weeks. I don’t listen to her music. She’s never given me a reason to care about anything she’s ever done. My general feelings … Continue reading Oh, Chrisette

Michael Eric Dyson was on TBC

… and I’m grateful to Dr. Dyson’s mouth that DJ Envy’s time on the mic was minimal. The Breakfast Club is my top pick for urban radio listening. Though Envy is hella dumb and I still haven’t figured out what Angela Yee’s function is, Charlemagne usually seems to pull off some decent interviews – especially given a particularly impressive string of guests they’ve had in the past six months. … Continue reading Michael Eric Dyson was on TBC

i like it better wit a dip

When I say I’m proud of this nigga like he was my own brother… Hometown hero, Kway, is here to give you a taste of some deep south flavor with his new mixtape and I promise you’ve never heard anything like it. Twelve16 This is not a review, but rather an appreciation post. My fav tracks are ideserveitmore, mondaynightraw, dip, and groovyq. With features from DevMaccc … Continue reading i like it better wit a dip

Privy to the BS

Disclaimer: No shade is at all intended toward the people in their (early) 20s that jump the broom. Sometimes, it works and it’s cute. I see former classmates on Facebook with their rings and their smiles and their Cancun cruises. One of my former teachers married her high school sweetheart and after a decade they’re still booed up. And of course, I have aunts and uncles … Continue reading Privy to the BS