Arbitrary Bullshit

Another year down and the general feeling of being ill-equipped to deal with life still lingers even though I’m almost 21. When you’re younger 21 seemed so adult but must of us just out here ruining our credit and making bad decisions. The more shit becomes real to me, the more I ask myself what the fuck is really going on. I mean, this shit is cute to y’all? Here I am taking life seriously and y’all out here playing.

A lunatic is the leader of the free world. Evidently, bigotry┬áis still cute to some of y’all.

Somebody lied and said college was the move, for sure, but I’m three years deep in loan debt and unneeded stress over arbitrary dumb shit like GPAs and word counts. FYI, no one gives a fuck about a GPA or a word count after you graduate, girl. All this shit is made up.

And here I am. Broke(n), blazed, and out of fucks to give about shit that will surely not matter a year from now.

Happy New Year


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