Privy to the BS

Disclaimer: No shade is at all intended toward the people in their (early) 20s that jump the broom.

Sometimes, it works and it’s cute. I see former classmates on Facebook with their rings and their smiles and their Cancun cruises. One of my former teachers married her high school sweetheart and after a decade they’re still booed up. And of course, I have aunts and uncles that remain together after 30,40, 50 years. Still, I’m not convinced.

The divorce rate is 50%. Statistically, millennials are getting married later and later.

So my ass is covered when i say, marriage seems to be a fruitless endeavor. Wasn’t the institution of marriage created to like, reinforce the legality of male dominance in the home… or something? I don’t know, we can chat later on that, but my point is, the premise was shaky in the first damn place. I mean honestly, what other reason to legally tie yourself to another human being than for the tax benefits?

I mean, other than that, I’m really drawing a blank on why exactly this needs to be an immediate goal of mine, or anyone’s really.

Or it could just be me being a cynic… or maybe not.

But probably.




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