*takes earbud out* what

Podcasts help me keep my brain busy when I’m waisting time. And I also like hearing intelligent takes on what’s going on in the world. I’m carrying these with me into the new year. Insightful, funny, relatable shit, these are my favorite podcasts.

The Combat Jack Show


I’m a huge hip hop head. It’s never been enough to just listen to the music. I like to know the ins and the outs of my favorite artists and personalities. Often times, an artist’s personality sells me on their music before I even hear their music. It’s not just rappers, Combat keeps you on your toes with his guests. From talks with Russell Simmons and Talib Kweli to Jamilah Lemieux and Marc Lamont Hill, Combat’s interviews are fun, fresh, and (usually) full of insight.

The Read


I discovered The Read this past summer and my life has not been the same. They’re funny as fuck and I cannot get enough of their hilarious commentary on the never ending stream of bullshit that populates American politics and pop culture. And those listener letters… my god.

The Friend Zone


The Friend Zone is my shit. Dustin, Assanté, and Fran are keeping me mindful and on my mental health. Their episodes are interesting and informative, not to mention hella entertaining. If I could climb through the matrix to spend a day with them, I probably would.

For Colored Nerds


FCN. It’s smart. It’s funny. I’m always interested to hear what Brittany and Eric have to say on any given week. They seem like two cool, cultured ¬†individuals who I wouldn’t mind having intelligent conversations with over coffee.

Code Switch


Last but not least, NPR’s Code Switch

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