Your PEOTUS, ladies and gents

So, Donald Trump allegedly likes golden showers and I can’t shake the feeling that stories like this are going to be a staple in the Trump administration. You know, this bullshit doesn’t shock me in the slightest. In fact, I’m glad this is happening. I think it’s indicative of the fall of an empire, the last days of Caligula in this bitch.

It’s funny that this is happening now. America’s had it’s political shocks and scandals in the past and, of course, I wasn’t there for most of them, but I’ve know enough history to say that this just feels different. The shit is about to hit the fan and no one is really safe. This would all be hilarious if it didn’t actually affect other people’s lives.

But I’d like to think that the prettiest roses grow from under concrete. We can always hope that out of this smoldering pile of ashes known as America will come a phenix in the form of a more equal, utopian, socialist society. America, or what will be left of it, could be great one day, but it ain’t today.

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