Michael Eric Dyson was on TBC

… and I’m grateful to Dr. Dyson’s mouth that DJ Envy’s time on the mic was minimal.

The Breakfast Club is my top pick for urban radio listening. Though Envy is hella dumb and I still haven’t figured out what Angela Yee’s function is, Charlemagne usually seems to pull off some decent interviews – especially given a particularly impressive string of guests they’ve had in the past six months.

Now, I’ve heard this man’s name in passing, but I’ve never looked into who and what he actually does. As far as I knew, he was some dude with a Ph.d. who writes books and does the occasional speaking engagement. But he was on TBC this morning because he’s got a new book out. The name recognition was enough to get me to click on the video and I have to say, as “woke” black men over 50 go, he’s alright. I thought he had a lot of interesting things to say. His arguments were well reasoned and his critiques of Donald Trump and Steve Harvey were spot on.

I like him. If I had money, I’d buy his book. He seems like an interesting dude and had a lot of smart stuff to say.

You can check it out here.

Sidebar: I scrolled through the comments and I noticed people kept asking if they’d ever interview Tariq Nasheed on the show again (as if Dr. Dyson wasn’t doing it for them).


Let me just say I don’t see it for Tariq Nasheed and haven’t seen it for him since the first Hidden Colors. The fact that people seem to enjoy his ankh nigga antics and divisive rhetoric baffles me and I’m sure Dr. Dyson doesn’t consort with his type. I couldn’t stomach sitting through more than three minutes of Tariq’s bullshit the last time he was on TBC. So, if we could just let Hidden Colors 15 flop in silence, I’d be most appreciative.


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