Oh, Chrisette

Charlemagne the God now holds the blue ribbon for Biggest Troll. I’m just now getting around to watching Chrisette Michelle on The Breakfast Club and damn that shit was painful.

Now I’ve only heard this woman’s name in passing these past few weeks. I don’t listen to her music. She’s never given me a reason to care about anything she’s ever done. My general feelings toward her are indifferent.

But her behavior in this interview was… just…oh, bitch.

Every once in a while, Charlemagne and I are on the same page. His facial expressions were spot on. I felt them. Those faces were my own as I listened to this bitch try to make herself a martyr for change for performing at he-who-must-not-be-named’s inauguration. Girl, wearing your “Basquiat skirt” and singing church hymns does not a martyr make. End of discussion.

Donald Trump has been painfully honest about his views. He’s made it perfectly clear that nobody’s changing his mind.

Nobody else was with the shits.

Not Beyonce. Not Celine Dion. Not Elton John. Not Garth motherfucking Brooks.

And, yet you thought…


I’m not here for her. Never have been. And now never will be.



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