One Time for the Culture

Let it be known that on the 1st of February in the year of our lord, 2017, the Queen herself announced the coming of not one but two heirs to the throne of Carter. Congratulations to the Carter family. I can rest assured that the seeds of generational wealth will be sown deep into the three Carter children, and maybe, just maybe, one of them will show themselves to be the avatar and save the world from Donald Trump. Lord knows his kind don’t die easy and even if he isn’t reelected, evil is like weeds, just can’t seem to get rid of it.

But enough about that flamin’ cheetoh, this is about us and our melanin and our greatness.

This month I want to do something different. There are endless resources on black history. Emphasis on history. Every year, black history is presented in retrospect – the “magical negroes” of yesteryear. Martin, Malcolm, George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks – the usual suspects.

I’m of the opinion that history is made on the daily. Look at the past few days. And black folks. Well, we been here. And barring all the fucked up shit going on in the world, still we manage to produce megastars, moguls, and influencers that continue to shape the culture.

So this is going to be a 28 day look at Black History NOW. Because we’re changing the world one Carter baby, one Ava DuVernay, one Migos at a time.

Happy Black History Month, y’all.





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