On the State of Things

As the world plunges deeper into the abyss, I keep waiting on god to show him/herself and press the reset button on this shit. If ever there was a time for Jesus to take the wheel, it would be now.

I don’t see this lasting for four more years. I really don’t. America has sunk to some deep depths in the past, but my god, this is just too much. I can’t help but wake up and think “How did we get here?”


L. O. mutherfucking L.

Highlights of the week include Sam Jackson putting these suckers, namely Ben Carson, in check in the most Sam Jackson fashion. I saw the video that prompted this response and in the final analysis, Sam was spot on. Ben Carson has only ever existed in the periphery of my attention. I haven’t taken him seriously since he decided he was going to run for President. Fuck that nigga. What a dummy.

Immigrants, my nigga?

On slave ships, my nigga?

But the idiocy paid off in my amusement and at this point in time, you better take your laughs where you can get them.

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