Chance is for the Children

The World’s Best Dad sat down with Complex to discuss some real shit earlier this week and as a Day 1 Chance the Rapper fan, I clung to every word with bated breath.

For about 25 minutes Chance and @N_C_B waxed philosophic on the joys of fatherhood, his personal qualms with the music industry, and what’s next. Personally, I enjoy listening to my favs talk. In fact, to be one of my favs, one must strike me as, at least, somewhat intelligent.

It’s one thing to be a successful entertainer but are you a successful human being? Can you form a coherent thought and articulate it? These are the questions that matter to me.

Not only am I a fan of his music, but also Chance just seems like a dope dude. He’s smart, funny, good looking, and woke AF. If you’ve had your ear to the streets, you know he recently donated one million dollars to Chicago Public Schools and a couple months back raised like $60K for a campaign to give winter coats to Chicago’s homeless.

Man of the people. Check. Activist. Check. Philanthropist. Check.

Not to mention, this man keeps excellent company.

In the ever expanding shit show that is America, I sleep at night knowing that this dude is truly a force for good. Call me a stan, I don’t care. Chance is for the peopleĀ and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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