Life Is But A Look

I enjoyed HUMBLE. But I enjoyed it way more after seeing the video.

The song itself, I wasn’t too impressed with. It left something to be expected. But these visuals, though. My goodness.

One of the things that makes this video great is the fact that Dave Meyers (and the lil homies) directed it. If you don’t know him by name, think the Missy Elliot’s “Loose Control” video or OutKast’s “B.O.B.” This guy has quite the catalog. Lighting choices, set design, blocking, color schemes – it was all flawless and undoubtedly a landmark in the video making tradition.

All that aside, the video is dope as all hell and it has me thinking…

Black artists have been making dope ass music videos since music videos were a thing. They bend to different aesthetics, moments in history, and social trends, but one thing is undeniable. The black body can look amazing on film.

And this past year or so has been look after look after look.

Of course, who could forget


And Missy’s been doing this


The Soul Angel

Drake had everybody out here in Timbs and sweatpants

And now Kendrick

I’ll refrain from stanning right now but I’m fairly certain I’m responsible for 1,000 of the 14 million + views that it’s already gotten (in less than 24 hours).

I we start seeing more of this – artfully crafted images of coconut oil infused black bodies – and fewer and fewer depictions of our chapped and ashy slave past. One: the shit is just not a good look. Two: we’re tired. We know it happened. Most people with a grade school education get the gist of what happened. It’s cool. We get it. Black can indeed crack under the right conditions (i.e. conditions of slavery).

The point is we been here, moisturized, and giving y’all looks. You’re mad about it and you’ve been mad. But now we have the internet and quite frankly,

Who gone pop us?

Shoutout to the artists, filmmakers, and directors that accentuate our greatness. I support the promotion of thoughtful images of people of color.

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