That Time of Year Again

I officially have one semester of college left. This is my last “summer break.” And in truth, I’m excited. Every student gets excited around this time of year. We can practically smell the summer breeze and the absence of copy paper and expo markers. But there lies one last hurdle before we can all yell, “School’s Out!”


Test season, more broadly. Every student enrolled in any (public) institution of learning is subject to the test taking madness inflicted upon us by none other than George W. Bush. (See: NCLB)

It’d be one thing if those end of the year tests actually proved anything, but we’ve all heard the saying, “You cant judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.” What I realize as I’ve matriculated through the public school system of these United States is that the “standards” that standardized tests are supposed to test for are arbitrary as fuck and just dumb.

Compare the American education system, K-12 & college, to like most other countries in the world and even with all these tests and standards and benchmarks, we still manage to come in next to last in regard to the actual effectiveness of our education system.

This shit was fucked long before axis-of-evil-appointee Betsy DeVos took her position as y’all’s Secretary of Education. Please know.

This whole administration is nothing but the icing on a shit cake that’s been in the oven for a while now.

As we witness the fall of the republic, ladies and gents, I have only two final words, good riddance. 

Screenshot 2017-04-03 10.35.35

At least, in one more semester, I’ll still have 99 problems, but a final exam won’t be one.



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