Dammit, Yachty!

I really want to like ya boy, Yachty.

After that whole Joe Budden situation and the way he handled it, I thought to myself “This is a cool ass dude.” If there’s one thing I admire, it’s composure. Check.

From what I’ve seen of his interviews, he’s awkward as all hell, but it’s endearing. There’s really a genuineness to the way he carries himself. Boat has never been shy about his intentions to just make music and have a good time and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

I don’t have a bone to pick with the boat. He seems smart (check), honest (check), and true to self (check, check, check).

As the self proclaimed “King of the Youth,” he doesn’t make music for me. These kids today out her wildin’. It’s not for me and that’s okay. He has a bop here and there. I really like when he collabs. I liked “iSpy.” I liked “Broccoli.”

I even milly rocked to “One Night.” But I really couldn’t even get past the first song on this new record. That shit was trash.

Peek a Boo” is atrocious. And that lyric about his bitch blowing his dick like a cello” and him blaming it on his A&Rs on rap genius was kind of a let down. All I could think was C’mon, Yachty, damn! I was rooting for you!

A product of eliminating arts in public schools, no doubt. Y’all see why this is important? So that people know the difference between a cello and a fucking flute (of which Squidward has nothing to do with)

Screenshot 2017-05-31 09.31.40

He’s alright with me, though.

I am by no means an old head but I’m not one of these teeny boppers either. Objectively speaking, I really don’t see the harm in him. He’s here to have a good time and make this money – and for that the culture welcomes him.

But my god, man. Get your shit.



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