Still Processing…

At the top of this year, I really thought Netflix was starting to find a groove with their original content. That last season of Orange is the New Black aside, they had some nice selections.

I really got into The Get Down. After asking around, I gathered that there weren’t too many people that I knew who enjoyed the show, so I binge watched the first season on my own with a few pints of Talenti. The thing that hooked me was the historical fiction-y aspect of the story.

The gist of the story – the beginning and proliferation of hip hop as a culture – was historically accurate but the characters were amalgamations and variations of people real and made up.

Shaolin Fantastic was a badass character, but to my knowledge there was never a real MC called Shaolin Fantastic.

I get that the budget might’ve been a bit hefty. And evidently, Bas Luhrmann was committed enough to it to keep it going. But damn.

Then they cut Sense 8.

Here y’all go with this insufficient budget excuse. It’s been done before. Commit bitch. There are people counting on knowing what the fuck is going to happen with the Sense 8s now that Whisper’s is creeping up on them again.

How do you cancel the show on a cliff hanger?! – The unmitigated gaul.

I actually tried it with this season of OITNB. Not a fan. That shit’s over.

Now that’s one that Netflix could actually let go.

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