It’s July. That means the year is basically over.

Like if you haven’t put those New Year resolutions into effect yet, 2017 is halfway gone, sis, and clearly this time is waiting on no one.

Personally, this year’s been good to me. I’ve actually accomplished things so. I traveled. I’ve held down a job for six months now. I have a home that I can afford the rent on. I’ve got more travel plans before the year’s out. And I even got to shoot my own web series (details TBA).

All in all, this being-a-responsible-adult shit ain’t half bad when you’re on your shit.

My mom says that by July, the year’s basically done anyway. The time just fly’s by. School starts back, business picks up at the job, and the days just bleed into one another.

On the bright side, I only have one more semester of college left.

This life ain’t been no crystal stair.

If I could do it over again, I think it’d be a hard pass for me, honestly. I’m still not convinced I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

College isn’t all that bad, sometimes, but most times, it’s a crock of shit.

Here’s to new adventures and pursuits.

More life. More blessings.

Are you ready? I am.

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