Reclaiming My Time

I think I’m going to stop smoking weed. Not indefinitely, but for the foreseeable future. Classes have started, business is picking up at work, and I have one semester of college left. It’s crunch time and  since I’ve been on probation, I’ve seen how productive I can actually be when I’m not taking weed naps.  This growing up shit is a trip. *trick I advise … Continue reading Reclaiming My Time

Story Time: Mischief Managed… Barely.

Bout 7:45 p.m.: Wading through a sea of people, trying to get between stages in time to see Solange. It was hella niggas and for a minute, the traffic was standstill. If I wasn’t high I probably would’ve had a nervous break down. Crowds were never my thing. So after making it back to the Green Stage, Reuben and I opted to just stay there. … Continue reading Story Time: Mischief Managed… Barely.

Life is Funny Enough Without Your Bullshit

Listening to this recent mailbag episode of The Read has me thinking… In particular, the question called “Trump stole my swag” or something like that. It was a man writing who had just recently been married. Evidently they had hats made with a hashtag and the hats were red and the print was white. Just like Trump’s campaign hat.  Fury and Crissle told him to … Continue reading Life is Funny Enough Without Your Bullshit

Almost Caught a Lick but, So Worth It

Bitch.  I almost fried my fucking retinas trying to catch a glimpse of it. No I didn’t by the glasses because like, no, that’s money – I got shades. I’m not paying any amount of money for 8 minutes of anything.  Overhyped as it was, I love when I’m lucky enough to catch those extraordinary moments of celestial happenings. In the 10 seconds that I … Continue reading Almost Caught a Lick but, So Worth It

In These Podcast Streets

A month ago, I didn’t even know who Janet Mock was. I don’t know how I came across “Never Before with Janet Mock” but the shit is lit. Her first guest was none other than the queen mother, Tina Knowles – Lawson, and for a little under an hour they waxed philosophic about the princesses of Parkwood and her own endeavors in making the world … Continue reading In These Podcast Streets