This is my brain on drugs #1

I have a real interest in power.

No, not the show, like the concept.

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix lately. Mostly shit that I’ve seen at least 100 times over like Parks and Rec and The Office. But recently I got into El Chapo.

I’ll spare you the details of this guy and his real life exploits. There’s wikipedia for that.

When I think about the people who have shaped history, it’s not the guys in the textbooks who I tend to admire (for whatever reason). It’s the “villains” of history that make the story so great in my opinion. The traitors, committers of treason, the down-right insane, the Jacobins, the Henry the 8th’s, the Hitlers, the , the Stallins, the Guzmans, the Escobars.

I guess in a sick twisted way, all of them thought they were doing the right thing. And when emboldened by a cause, anyone can do anything.

I really like shows like “El Chapo” and “Narcos” that show the methodology to the madness, if you will. The men behind the machine. And the more I watch and study, the easier it is for me to see how anyone of us, if given an inch, can take the whole damn mile – if one is ballsy enough to do so.

Sidebar: I feel like, a lot of the movies that I think of as some of the best in (recent) cinema history are movies that kind of play with the same ideas. The Godfather, Scarface, Citizen Kane… I’ll even throw Training Day in there.

And y’know, I am in no way glorifying these people for what they did. Obviously they brought danger and harm to vast swaths of people throughout history and that is something I don’t condone.

But I am saying that the shit happened. Not once, but multiple times throughout history.

People tend to discredit the villain and say “don’t be like that,” but villains are people too and there’s a little bit of villain in everybody. Sometimes, I even think the “villains” in the story tend to teach us more than the heroes ever do.

But ion know… I’m just talking my shit over a blunt.

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