Tis the Season for Addy fueled All nighters

October went by in a fucking blur. Glad that’s over. Evidently, people have taken the liberty to dress up for Halloween all damn month.

I’ve never observed Halloween too much, myself. Not even as a kid. It always seemed a bit dumb to me.

One time my mom thought it would be fun for me to dress up as a ghost (i.e. a lil bitch in a white sheet) and go trick or treating at the mall. I kept stepping on the sheet and my eye holes kept sliding around. At one point I lost my mom in the mall and was surrounded by a bunch of weirdos in costume. From that day on, Halloween got a strong “no” from me.

I live for Christmas time though. I’m looking forward to some egg nog and some frosty chrimus trees (if you know what I’m saying) and most importantly, the end of my undergrad career.

I don’t know how many times I’ve eluded to this on here but… Fuck School.

These four years have been some of the most unpleasant, unsavory, foul, pointless, disappointing years of my life. My. God. Looking back on it, I only see a devastated minefield of shattered dreams, relationships, and grade point averages.

And ironically enough, here I am applying to grad school.

‘‘Tis the season for addy fueled all nighters.

Personal statements, writing samples, references, allat other bullshit. Plus trying to make sure I pass the rest of my classes so that I can actually graduate in May (which I’m actually trying hard to do since my momma and nem already booked hotels for graduation weekend).

I must say though, apartment hunting in New York is fun. I plan to make another trip back up that way for the New Year to scope out some prospective neighborhoods while also linking up with – you guessed it: Reuben. Then, pending my acceptance to grad school, a bitch will be moving on up to NYC come July.

But until then I have to manage to tread through the rest of my shitty undergraduate career.

Silver linings.

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