Habari gani? Ujamaa

Cooperative economics.

To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and businesses and to profit from them together.

All in all, 2017 has been a financial come up for me. I’ve had the same job for a year making relatively good money for a college student. I pay my rent on time and my bills are paid and I can still budget the rest to have enough for groceries, some light shipping, and some recreational substances.

I’ve by no means mastered this adulting thing but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made this year. Stability is really the key.

As I plan to grow my financial literacy in the next year. I really want to start investing my money in some black owned businesses.

Instagram is a great place to find some new inspirations. I want to start incorporating a fashion/style element to the site next year because I’ve come across tons of cute shit on the gram and I want to incorporate some of the pieces that I’ve found into my own wardrobe.

In 2018, I’m making more of an effort to not just master my own finances but putting my money back into the community as well. I don’t know how much attention y’all pay to bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency wave but last week Bitcoin fell like 40%.


People were selling out. Literally selling their bitcoins to cash out for the holidays. And the value of the shit plummeted.


Because Bitcoin and cryptocurrency lives and dies with the community built around it. And that’s really what I think is the most genius part of it. It works like gang busters, so long as people stay invested and dedicated to it.

This year I’m spending my coins at some black owned businesses.

As my plans to start working on some fashion/style content come together, I already have a working list of some pieces I’m dying to add to my collection.


Collective economics.


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