Habari gani? Nia


Make building and developing our community our vocation. So we may restore our traditional greatness.

This year I’ve grown stronger in my purpose.

Issa Rae once said, “Don’t network up, network around,” or something to that effect. And this is really the plan of action for 2018. This past year was really about proving to myself that I could do this blogging thing. Now that I’m a year in this thing with some dope content and even more on the way, it’s about making this shit pop in 2018. And I’m not necessarily looking to be social media famous or anything like that. I want to save my writing and perspective more widely. I have so much tings to say right now. And I want to use my voice and presence to affect change.

I’m not gone announce my moves just yet. I’m moving in silence until I see my opening then I’m pouncing. Iss chess moves, b.

I’m claiming having my shit together in 2018. I finished college this year, I started a blog, I learned a lot, and I got exposed to a lot of new ideas and things.

And I think I might be making a BIG move, come summer time.

Moral of the story: I have to keep walking in this to make the dream real.

I’ve been listening to this track a lot. I fux with the Big Baby. He’s fun. I like his attitude. And his music just makes me want to smile.

This track is definitely one for the NYE playlist.




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