Breaking the Binary

I read this really dope piece on managing body dysphoria the other day. In an earlier post, I touched on the topic of my own issues and struggles with dysphoria and expressing my sexuality and gender identity. When I was younger, these problems were definitely more pronounced, but as of late, I feel like I’m coming into myself. The article gave nine strategies for dealing … Continue reading Breaking the Binary

This College Life Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair

I’ve had body issues my entire life really. Dare I even say: dysphoria. I’ve always been a thickum and I’ve always had to be conscious of the things I eat so as not to gain any unnecessary weight. Not to mention, much of your social stock as a teenager is determined by how you look. So all through middle and high school, I worked hard … Continue reading This College Life Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair

Black Twitter Strikes Again

The new year brings new energy to the Twitter-verse. The hashtag Black Hogwarts surfaced earlier this week and what’s come of it has been nothing short of gold. Dumbledore’s Homegoing Service. #BlackHogwarts — DeShonMustard (@de_mustard) January 12, 2018 Hermoine: It's leviosaMe: Bitch it's love sosa #BlackHogwarts — Shamil (@shamilyoungb) January 13, 2018 When Harry caught the snitch with his mouth #blackhogwarts — minh … Continue reading Black Twitter Strikes Again