Year of the Androgyn

It’s taken me a little over 21 years but I think I’m finally coming into my own sense of style. Some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube are those reaction videos where people react to old photos of themselves and one thing I’ve gathered is that that awkward phase hit everybody like a ton of bricks.

We all have photos we’d prefer no one else ever saw.

I’ll spare y’all the pics and just tell you, cute as I thought I was, I looked a hot ass mess back in the gap.

This year I finally got to celebrate my New Year outside of a church congregation. And I turned tf up. Admittedly, my New Year’s Eve night was a hot ass mess but I looked damn good. I ate some pavement, I drank half a flask of Aristocrat, and it was cold as balls outside. But the fit was fly.

My style is androgynous. I also identify as non-binary. The difference between the two for me is the element of presentation. Whereas biologically, I don’t consider myself having a gender, my presentation is gender-neutral as well. I like to keep these hoes guessing. I shop mainly in the men’s section, but I also browse the lady’s from time to time. This look is brought to you by Asos mens.

In 2018, I really want to add some different things to my wardrobe. This style journey has been a long one but it feels like I’m sort of coming into myself, finally.

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