In a Real Way

How amazing is Snoop Dog?

Why I haven’t actually subscribed to the Gangsta Good News Network, I don’t know, but I occasionally watch some of Snoop’s interviews because sometimes they’re the best laugh I have all day. There’s really no one like him.

I feel like I’ve always known who Snoop Dog was. In hindsight, it’s like he was always just kind of in the ether. In middle school, I was really into “old school rap” and I knew Snoop by voice but the “Sensual Seduction” video in particular, comes to mind when I think about the first time Snoop Dog ever really stuck out to me.

I remember going to my aunt’s house when I was a kid. Their house was a duplex, set up to house to full families but only three people lived there – my aunt and uncle lived upstairs and my cousin lived in the bottom level. (Idk, they were from Cali)

But I digress…

Of course, I wasn’t allowed to watch BET at my mom’s house, but when I would go to my cousin’s house and of course niggas was watching 106 & Park in the basement when that video premiered.

Of course it was much later that I realized that that was the clean version and the real version was “Sexual Eruption,” but I think seeing this video was the first time I was realized that Snoop Dog was an iconic motherfucker.

And Snoop’s GGN News isn’t just some third string internet show. Snoop has sat and smoked with some esteemed individuals and they open up to Uncle Snoop in ways that they don’t get to on a conventional news set. I appreciate Snoop and this show. It really exists outside any other news media outlet and allows me to see my favorite movers and shakers in a completely different element than what I’m used to. Whether or not they decide to pass their turn on the blunt, the interviews are always fresh, interesting, and entertaining.

And he’s still good for a fresh freestyle

I was looking through the other day and Kathy motherfuckin Bates was on the GGN Network talking about her show, disjointed and the cannabis movement. The video’s about a month old, but it’s still golden.

Snoop also welcomed my good fave Lena Waithe to the Smoker’s Studio. They got high af and talked about blackness and film and Emmy’s.

Snoop has aged quite well and I mean that in every way.

Not only does he look good, he has managed to stay relevant in interesting ways. From his music, to his acting, to his social media antics and memes, to his independent ventures, Snoop is for the culture.

Today in Black History, I honor the Snoop D-O-double Gizzle, Calvin “Snoop Dog” Broadus.

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