Robbin’ Season

Today in Black History, I want to honor Atlanta.

This show was good in so many unexpected ways. Not only was the acting good and the lighting right and the shots crispy, the stories of each of these characters unfolded in interesting ways with every episode. I really started to love each character for their quirks. At moments, it almost felt surreal, like what was happening on screen was happening in some other dimension.

In fact, there are several moments where I think to my, “Who the fuck came up with this?”

The Migos pop up in episode 3 for one of the most interesting cameos in television history, honestly. I was thoroughly entertained for their entire scene.

The B.A.N. was the most cerebral and most hilarious. Every episode puts you in a specific character’s shoes for 30 minutes and in this episode we got to get to know Paper Boy through an interview where he gets grilled on the issue of race. The ensuing debate had me on the floor by the end of the episode.

Not to mention, a dose of Darious, Paper Boy’s right hand man, in almost every episode is good for your fix for deep, philosophical offshoots.

It’s been a year now since the show earned several Golden Globes at the 2017 ceremony. Donald gave an acceptance speech for the culture for their winning Best Comedic TV series.

The show is set for return on March 1st, the perfect way to start my birthday month! I’m excited to see where this second season goes. Is Paper Boy gonna pop? Is Earn gonna get his shit together? Where’s Vanessa working now?

So many questions.

Then as if he could sense my growing anticipation, the good people at FX finally released a trailer

I want to do a separate post on Donald Glover himself. He’s a man of many talents who has influenced my artistic journey heavily. His “alter ego,” Childish Gambino is the name I first came to know him as and even though Because the Internet wasn’t his first album, it’s the album that made me a Childish Gambino fan. But more on that in a later post.

March 1st. Mark your calendars. It’s robbin’ season.

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