Django Jane

Not gone lie, I was a little turned on watching the Make Me Feel video.

What a cute way to finish Black History Month.

I kind of have a thing for both of Tessa Thompson and Janelle Monae individually, but just the idea of the two together like as a thing is just… ugh *swoon*

I’ve been a fan of Janelle Monae’s since Metropolis: Suite 1. She never said she was one of us definitively but I always kind of got that vibe. She was an inspiration from jump in her black and white tuxedos. At the time that she first came into the music scene, her aesthetic was drastically different from other female artists, which I found refreshing and interesting.

Personally, Janelle came into my life at a time where I was trying to start expressing myself through my own wardrobe (i.e. wearing “boys” clothes). My mother wasn’t too crazy about my shopping choices and if I hadn’t seen Janelle shuffling around in a tux in the tightrope video, I’d still probably be out here perpetrating a fraud to be fem.

Since Metropolis, I’ve been a loyal fan. And it really makes me smile to see her out here still wearing her suits and slaying my life.

A few days ago, she released another one of her trademark “Emotion Pictures,” this iteration entitled “Dirty Computer.”

Immediately, I knew new music was afoot and earlier this week she delivered with Django Jane and Make Me Feel, which people appear to be holding up as a declaration of her (bi)sexuality. Like I said earlier, I suspected as much but in all honesty the thing that I’m most taken with from the video is the aesthetic of it. It looked like freedom. It looked fun. It looked like somewhere I needed to be. It made me feel good to watch it. The fact that she’s dancing between Tessa Thompson and that light skinned young man, as a woman, not only makes a statement about her sexuality, it illustrates a larger idea of liberation which is what the Archandroid has always stood for.

I’m happy to see Janelle staying true to her narrative and continuing this arch that she started with Cindi Mayweather on Metropolis back in 2007. The fact that this story that Janelle started on that project has been developing for over ten years now is a testament to her storytelling. With each consecutive project, she builds on the narrative and sucks me in to the dystopic reality of our favorite fugitive, Android 57821 a.k.a Cindi Mayweather a.k.a The Archandroid.

Janelle Monae is really an artist of a generation.


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