My Month of Waiting

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June has been the month of waiting.


Already this summer, I’ve had to come to grips with a lot of things. I planned to have a job when I got to D.C. but evidently, god had other plans. This is the first summer I’ve been unemployed since I was like sixteen. I put back a little bit of money, but that’s quickly slipping through my fingers. But I took my lack of callbacks as a sign that perhaps my focus should not be in working but actually doing what I moved up here to do: write.

So it’s been a solid month now and I’m just moderately getting settled. I’m familiar with the area around me within a five mile radius. Not radius, it really goes in one direction to Columbia Heights. For the past week, I’ve been testing a new spot for writing.

I enjoy the ambient chatter of coffee shops. This one in Columbia Heights, called The Potter’s House, has been pretty great so far. I’ve had a  few kinks with the wifi, but the atmosphere is so dope. The walls are covered in shelves of books. The baristas play Solange over the speakers – regularly. And when I have enough change for some food, the prices aren’t too bad and the food is pretty good.

Sidebar: Y’know, in comparison to Uber, the Metro is about a $2-$3 difference. Significant when you have a budget, but since I have none and I’m not really in a hurry, I think I’m going to start walking more. Couldn’t hurt.

But with a month gone, there’s only a month left in the summer. As much as I’m getting settled into D.C., it’s coming time to gear up to get to NYC!!!

I’ve secured housing through the graduate program. Due to unforeseen events, I may have to finesse an early move-in but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. A lot of the time I’ve been spending in the coffee shops and libraries has been occupied trying to fine-tune writing samples and resumes, looking for ledes for writing opportunities, and trying to perfect my applications to two very promising opportunities in particular.

Really, once I make it to NYC, the ball will really get rolling. Orientation for grad school begins August 19th and I’m pretty excited. I’m focused. I’m determined. I’m ready.

I’m claiming pay off in July.

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