Lessons in Unemployment: Being Broken Down to Rise Up

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I know unemployment is a thing for a lot of people but it especially stings after you just worked your ass off for a degree that everybody told you you would need.

Try as I might – and I tried my damnedest – I couldn’t find work. I’ll admit for a moment, I was shook. I cried a lot. Like wtf, I followed the path. I got the degree. What gives? 

Then I remembered something I learned in church as a child: Sometimes God takes you through things so you can learn from them and be made better for it.

Yes, this summer I really had to fall back on my faith. I’ve said before that I am not particularly religious but then again, no one religion has a monopoly on God. God/the universe/Gia: all  concepts to illustrate the idea that maybe we’re not all floating around out here at random and that perhaps there’s some master design/plan in the works and that maybe, just maybe, all this has some meaning behind it. But I digress…

Key to any conception of God is faith that he/she/they exists and that he/she/they have creation’s best interest at heart.

So if God has my best interest at heart, why am I unemployed and broke? Doesn’t God want me to prosper? I’m a good person. Why me, right? No.

The question you should ask in any hardship is What is this for?

Like Oprah says, “It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you” – A difficult mindset to maintain in the midst of hardship, but an important one.

So this will be a series about just that. I’m still unemployed but I haven’t gone hungry or without a place to lay my head yet so how bad am I really doing? These are the lessons being revealed to me and that I will share with you so, y’know, take it and glean what you will.


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