I Just Moved to New York City

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  • I Just Moved to New York City

Looking back, I couldn’t have handled this as a freshman in undergrad. There were too many things that I hadn’t learned about myself and the world. I hadn’t learned how to not let my social anxiety control me yet. I didn’t possess a general awareness of my surroundings. I didn’t know enough about people. I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer. Hell, I hadn’t even come out to myself. How was I going to make it in New York City at 18?

It’s funny to admit, but staying in Mississippi for as long as I did really did teach me things about myself and the world around me. And I’m grateful for learning them in Mississippi because the stakes of learning those things that school doesn’t teach you is a lot lower there. It costs a lot less to bump your head in Mississippi as opposed to a place like New York City.

I guess it is true that life builds. Though we may not realize it, every moment is pregnant with the next and depending on what you take from those moments – the people, the situations, and the challenges of that moment – determines how you handle the next thing.

Honestly, I expected to be overwhelmed. I expected to be a little scared. And I was scared before I left but as soon as the flight attendant came over the intercom on the flight and said, “Welcome to LaGuardia,” I really could do nothing but smile because I had finally made it.

My dorm is in Chelsea, which is like pretty nice judging by what I’ve seen so far. I feel like when people think of New York City who aren’t from New York City, this area is what they picture. The energy is electric. All the lights, all the people – it’s pretty cool. I’ve only been here for a full day now so the extent of my exploring has only been on foot. I googled how to get to Central Park and I don’t want to make the 3.5 mile walk to get there but I also don’t think I’m ready to brave the subway quite yet. I know I’ll have to take it this weekend to get to Brooklyn for Afropunk, so my subway cherry will inevitably be popped.

There will be more NYC reflection to come, most certainly, but right now, I’m simply basking in the fact that I’ve arrived. In this moment, I’m so content.

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