The After Party

I just happened to log on to Netflix earlier this week to find that there was a new Netflix Original out called The After Party. The trailer began to play automatically when I put my cursor over it and the first face I saw was Kyle’s. If you’re unfamiliar with Kyle, search “iSpy” on Youtube.

He’s got a couple projects under his belt, which I’ve listened to and, for the most part, liked, so I let the trailer play. The trailer convinced me to watch the movie.

The After Party is about this dude O, short for Owen, a Soundcloud rapper, and his best friend, Jeff, trying to get a record deal. They’ve been at it for years and haven’t really had any luck. Then O gets internet famous for throwing up on Wiz Khalifa and he figures his career is pretty much over but Jeff is still trying to make something happen.

They spend the whole movie chasing this producer through various scenarios to try to get signed to his label, ultimately landing them at French Montana’s after party, where the shit hits the fan in a major way.

For what it was, I give it two thumbs up.

It was STAR. STUDDED. Jadakiss, Charlamane, Wiz Khalifa, Teyana Taylor, DMX, French Montana, Desiigner… Young M.A. and DJ Khaled even have small cameos towards the end.

It was some stoner nigga Pineapple Express shit if I ever saw it. I laughed. It was shot well. The acting was decent and I believed the story. Sometimes films use its “star studded-ness” as a crutch for a lackluster story but that wasn’t the case. If anything, it was endearing and amusing.

Teyana Taylor’s role was probably my favorite. She’s fucking hilarious and actually progresses the story in an entertaining and unexpected way. Most of the cameos were funny. As far as story, the writers hit every beat and I was satisfied.

I’m also glad they didn’t make the whole “Why can’t I say the n-word” trope a thing for Jeff, who was Jewish and from Long Island. They said nigga all through the film but never once did Jeff almost say it or question why he couldn’t. I’m glad that was just a given that that wasn’t happening.

All in all, it was a pleasurable viewing experience and I even went to bed a little inspired. I recommend watching with a blunt, if possible.

“Doors open for those who push.” – A mantra

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