They Say They Want Bars…

I’ve been a Young M.A. fan for a while now. I know she had stuff out before Ooouuu but that was the first piece of music by her that reached the airwaves in Mississippi. Ooouuu was  a bop but further investigation into her catalogue revealed that my bitch had bars for days.

So a couple weeks ago, she did that freestyle on LA Leakers and of course the trolls and their Twitter fingers got to tappin’ about how the freestyle “wasn’t that hard” and some folks even went as far as to say it was just whack all together. Then there were some who just decided to jump all the way out of pocket and say some sideways shit like “ion care what nobody say, that’s a man.”


Niggas are really threatened by Young M.A.

But really it has nothing to do with Young M.A. herself because she’s just out here getting it like the rest of us. It’s what she stands for. Not only is she gay, but also masculine presenting: a double-sided slight to those with hyper-masculine sensibilities a.k.a the dickheads who like to intentionally misgender her and downplay her skills because deep down, they know she could steal their girl if she wanted to and rap circles around them while doing so.


In light of Nicki Minaj’s recent meltdown, I contend that we need some new blood in hip hop, particularly of the female persuasion. Young M.A., Rapsody, Khelani (who gives off the tradey vibes at times)… hell, we can put Big Freedia in the line up too. Every single one of these people are free to be themselves and don’t necessarily feel the need conform to the gender norms of industry or the culture at large to push their music and every single one of them has major talent and are talking about things other than poppin’ pussy.

Not there’s anything wrong with poppin’ pussy, but damn, I get it. Your pussy game nice. What else you got? I’m bored. Forgive me for wanting the music and art that I consume to be a little more varied in subject matter.

But it seems like these artists can’t get more mainstream play because of this very thing. And that’s fucking sad because in a culture that claims to want to value diversity and “being yourself no matter what,” it proves that the music industry is only sticking to what it knows.



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