-12.25.18, New York City

Today I woke up alone and grateful. I’m registered for another semester in this city. This month will make four months that I’ve been here and I’ve made cool friends, met amazing people and had some dope experiences.

The city is growing on me.

When I walk through the streets, I sometimes find myself walking to the beat of whatever is playing through my headphones. This morning, for my celebratory wake-and-bake it was Drake’s Nothing Was the Same. I come back to that album every few months or so. His best work, imo. And relatable because I find that album to be his most celebratory, his most “N*gga, I made it!” And I can relate in this moment because while the majority of 2018 has been struggle season, these past four months have been so so so amazing. So, the album slaps that much harder.

Today is my first actual day off since the end of September. Work Study and another full time job had me punching somebody’s clock every day of the week for about the past ten weeks. And I regret none of it. I had my days, of course, but for the most part, I was focused. Exhausting but only temporary.

I am working toward something greater. I remember before I left home, I said to myself If God let’s me work 50 hours a week, I’ll do it. This was after my summer of post-graduation unemployment and I was desperate. But that’s exactly what happened. And I took what I asked for without (much) complaint.

I’m claiming greater in 2019. And the past four years have been preparation to ride this wave as far as it wants to carry me.

Listens Lately

This is some content that’s been keeping me mindful and uplifted.

The Friend Zone: What a Difference a Year Makes

While this is a long video, it’s inspiring. If you don’t know Simon Sinek, you probably need to.

A word from Michael Todd

I am grateful. I am at peace. I am ready.

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