2018 Wrap: YouTube faves

I spent an almost egregious amount of time on YouTube in 2018.

There’s something about visual media is just hypnotic. And it’s often just the same handful of channels that I cycle through for the most part of the day. Sometimes there’s a suggested channel that some algorithm figured would be in line with my personal tastes. Sometimes it figures right but I never commit right away.

Some of my favorite channels often correlate with whatever existential crisis I’m having at the moment. One can say that they “support LGBT rights” but like every other marginalized group, queer folks are not a monolith.

These are just some channels that I frequent that are all humorous, inspirational, and semi educational.


Though I don’t know her personally, I get the feeling that Jade is a dope human being. Foxy is her handle and she is hilarious. She’s really a jack of all trades as far as content, she’s got clothing hauls, she’s got skits, she’s got rants & reviews – pretty much hours of fun for the whole family.

Ash Hardell

Ash’s channel is deliberately educational but they’re still very watchable and charming. Ash makes videos about gender and sexuality and their illustrations are as cute as they are. From detailed conversations about identity to they’re own experience of being non binary/trans identifying and what that means to them – Ash is must watch edu-tainment.

Kid Fury

Though Kid Fury, of The Read fame, has certainly gone on to do amazing things, he was also a YouTuber early on in his career. Sometimes I go back and watch a marathon of his videos if I want a genuine chuckle. He only posted a few videos in a series called NYC Notes but they are so funny, so relatable, and so real. Though I’ve only had run ins with rats, so far, on the subway platform, Fury reminds me to stay ready at all times.

Ari Fitz

Ari is my style goddess. I’ve been revamping my own wardrobe for what seems like years now. Though we don’t have similar body types, Ari has me covered because she featured Foxy Jade (from above) in a video specifically geared toward the curvier tomboy. She’s doing the good work and I love her for it. The tomboyish brand is strong.

The Muses

These two are just the epitome of black love. The Muses are artists, originally from Florida but based in L.A. Not only do they have a compelling and heartfelt story, they’re both just independently fly, so as a unit they’re just everything.

@iam.muse Instagram

Peep more art on their instagrams, Adrianne and Ja’Nika Muse.

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  1. We have very similar tastes in YouTuber’s I see!

    Ari and Jade are my go to ladies when I need anything from a good laugh to permission to feel my feelings. Definitely digging this insight. Are you in to Amber’s Closet too?

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