Unity: To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

I’m grateful for the camaraderie I’ve found and maintained this year.

Never did I ever think I’d have friends from (almost) every continent. I’ll admit I was apprehensive about living in a dorm again, but I can safely say that the apprehension is assuaged. These are some of the most kind and funny people I’ve ever met.

We really do share more similarities than differences in this world of 7 billion. Finding unity in self, in community, and globally.

This year, I made a move that could have been very isolating. Instead it’s been light and love the whole time.

I’m very introverted and I’ve always been that way, but I’ve always craved a deeper sense of connection with the people around me. But if that connection came at my expense (i.e people and situations that drain me) then I forwent any connection at all. God’s placed some of the most beautiful people in my life, some pictured above.

Find some friends you’re not afraid to fart around. Find some friends you can ugly laugh with.

I can feel my tribe forming and I’m expecting greater in 2019.

How did I find them?

I stopped looking and they came.

People really do make the world go ’round.

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