Self determination: To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves

This is personally one of my deepest held principles and one that I exercise on a daily basis.

The struggle and grind has been real in 2018. Despite graduating with my bachelor’s. Post grad depression is very real. At the beginning of the year, NYC was just a hope and a prayer. And after an entire summer of being unemployed, I was beginning to doubt the vision I had.

At the end of the summer, after getting hired for FWS, I told God that if he let me work 50 hours a week (in addition to my studies), I’d take them all.

About 14 weeks post this request and I’ve lived to tell the tale.

Despite having so much on my plate, I’ve made a point to write on a consistent basis. During the summer, I had nothing but time to write and though I was wildly depressed about not having a job, I had to tell myself that the least that I could do to maximize my time was write.

I was in a season where I didn’t have to hit a clock for the first time in three years. Outside of my comfort zone, broke.

But I was determined to keep moving forward in whatever way that I could.

But the universe rewards persistence, in time, if one dares to keep going.

Summoning the Spirit of Kujichagulia: Being self determined is a product of self motivation and it’s difficult to stay motivated when the universe is shitting on you.

But you gotta remember, “You’re planted, not Buried.”

The Grime Before the Glow (Jesus & Jollof by Luvvie Ajai & Yvone Orji)

This duo is everything. Luvvie and Yvonne have the jokes and the gems.

You’re welcome.

Know Your Worth (Rants & Randomness with Luvvie Ajai)

Luvvie drops gems in her solo podcast Rants & Randomness and her guest in this episode, Ashely Blaine Featherson came with a word.

The Missing Pillars (The Friend Zone)

Fran, Dustin, and Assanté get into core beliefs in this one. When we know our “why,” motivation is on auto-pilot.

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