Cooperative Economics: To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together

Do we really shop black owned businesses?

I understand artisanal/specialty merch is a bit pricier but if one is of the means, do we really execute?

Pause. This is not some hotep rant.

I’ve got statistics on my side: “Researchers found that the gap in average wealth between Black and white adults decreases from a multiplier of 13 to 3 when you compare the wealth of business owners by race.” (Huffpost)

That’s a 2018 study.

So basically, while black businesses/entrepreneurs are booming overall black wealth is telling another story.

Being in NYC, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and patronning a handful of black owned estabilishments.

My proudest contribution to the culture this past year was having Nia (and her assistant) tame my mane. If I’m willing and able, I’ll continue to be in the chair once a month.

As the bag increases in the new year, I plan on diversifying my spending habits.

Shop The Read

I’ve been a fan of The Read for damn near four years and every time they drop some new merch, my money is never right. What can I say? College students are poor. But I’m growing up and coming into a bit more disposable income and can finally put some dollars behind those listens.

The Muses

I really want to acquire some Madame Muse art in 2019. The artists are just all around dope people and they have a dope story.

There are way more black businesses to highlight and frequent but I’ll expand my assets gradually.

What are some black businesses that you love and support?

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