Creativity: To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it

Funny enough, 2018 was one of my most creative. It has been a goal of mine for years, now, to grow more consistent in my writing. 2018 is the first year that I would say that that became a reality.

I have known writing would be the way that I would contribute my piece to humanity. While I certainly wished that I could draw or dance or compose music when I was younger, I have been working to come to the fact that none of those things feed my soul in the way that words do.

I “forking” love words.

One would think that moving to New York City for graduate school, working 50+ hours a week, attending classes and school events, as well as trying to have a social life would wreck any discipline that one had previously had. But if anything, I’ve grown more into alignment with my creativity.

The final principle to discuss is Imani, or faith. I really believe the last two principles of Kwanzaa go hand in hand. And they have been two constants in my life this year.

Recommended Listens:

This episode of TFZ was transformative for me. Alignment, passions, your path – all these things come into play as creatives of color and Chuck and Claude have some revelatory insights on not getting lost in the sauce.

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