Faith: To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle

Faith is the perfect example of an infinite game.

We can never perfect faith but it is the constant striving of us as a people, as parents, as teachers, and leaders, that moves us closer to freedom everyday. The work of faith is never done, only a daily progression towards perfection. And the victory is in the struggle – not that the struggle ever achieves certain utopian, it’s simply the possibility and the belief that one is ever moving toward it.

“Without faith nothing is possible; with faith nothing is impossible.

Mary McLeod Bethune

2018 was a year in which my faith waned in the face of depression, unemployment, rejection, and general existential crisis and anxiety.

2018 can step and I’m not the least bit sorry to see her go. But those darkest times are those in which character is affected most deeply.

Imani is the the beginning of integrity.

Imani is the beginning of humility.

Imani is the beginning of gratitude.

Again, 2018 can eat shit and die, but in hindsight, I see it was only fortifying me for greatness and I am most grateful.

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