Beware of that wyt hot confidence

Storytime: The confidence of a white man is unparalleled. There is no other race and gender that can be so consistently and vehemently wrong yet still be trusted sources of information. So I’m at work. It’s about 10 o clock, which is closing time for my restaurant. It’s cold out so I decide to go crank my car up so the engine can warm up. … Continue reading Beware of that wyt hot confidence

Breaking the Binary

I read this really dope piece on managing body dysphoria the other day. In an earlier post, I touched on the topic of my own issues and struggles with dysphoria and expressing my sexuality and gender identity. When I was younger, these problems were definitely more pronounced, but as of late, I feel like I’m coming into myself. The article gave nine strategies for dealing … Continue reading Breaking the Binary

This College Life Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair

I’ve had body issues my entire life really. Dare I even say: dysphoria. I’ve always been a thickum and I’ve always had to be conscious of the things I eat so as not to gain any unnecessary weight. Not to mention, much of your social stock as a teenager is determined by how you look. So all through middle and high school, I worked hard … Continue reading This College Life Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair

Black Twitter Strikes Again

The new year brings new energy to the Twitter-verse. The hashtag Black Hogwarts surfaced earlier this week and what’s come of it has been nothing short of gold. Dumbledore’s Homegoing Service. #BlackHogwarts — DeShonMustard (@de_mustard) January 12, 2018 Hermoine: It's leviosaMe: Bitch it's love sosa #BlackHogwarts — Shamil (@shamilyoungb) January 13, 2018 When Harry caught the snitch with his mouth #blackhogwarts — minh … Continue reading Black Twitter Strikes Again

Seventh day of Kwanzaa: Imani

Habari gani? Imani Faith. To believe, with all our heart, in our Creator, our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. That’s the motto for this year. Faith in self and faith in the process. To reiterate, Kwanzaa is a non-religious holiday. This definition of faith exists outside of any religion. It’s something akin to the idea … Continue reading Seventh day of Kwanzaa: Imani