Tis the Season for Addy fueled All nighters

October went by in a fucking blur. Glad that’s over. Evidently, people have taken the liberty to dress up for Halloween all damn month.

I’ve never observed Halloween too much, myself. Not even as a kid. It always seemed a bit dumb to me.

One time my mom thought it would be fun for me to dress up as a ghost (i.e. a lil bitch in a white sheet) and go trick or treating at the mall. I kept stepping on the sheet and my eye holes kept sliding around. At one point I lost my mom in the mall and was surrounded by a bunch of weirdos in costume. From that day on, Halloween got a strong “no” from me.

I live for Christmas time though. I’m looking forward to some egg nog and some frosty chrimus trees (if you know what I’m saying) and most importantly, the end of my undergrad career.

I don’t know how many times I’ve eluded to this on here but… Fuck School.

These four years have been some of the most unpleasant, unsavory, foul, pointless, disappointing years of my life. My. God. Looking back on it, I only see a devastated minefield of shattered dreams, relationships, and grade point averages.

And ironically enough, here I am applying to grad school.

‘‘Tis the season for addy fueled all nighters.

Personal statements, writing samples, references, allat other bullshit. Plus trying to make sure I pass the rest of my classes so that I can actually graduate in May (which I’m actually trying hard to do since my momma and nem already booked hotels for graduation weekend).

I must say though, apartment hunting in New York is fun. I plan to make another trip back up that way for the New Year to scope out some prospective neighborhoods while also linking up with – you guessed it: Reuben. Then, pending my acceptance to grad school, a bitch will be moving on up to NYC come July.

But until then I have to manage to tread through the rest of my shitty undergraduate career.

Silver linings.

Life is Funny Enough Without Your Bullshit

Listening to this recent mailbag episode of The Read has me thinking…

In particular, the question called “Trump stole my swag” or something like that. It was a man writing who had just recently been married. Evidently they had hats made with a hashtag and the hats were red and the print was white. Just like Trump’s campaign hat. 

Fury and Crissle told him to retire that shit though he seemed reluctant to do so in his letter. Just because Trump took his swag, so he says.

One of my many random ass obsessions is symbolism. I mean if we think about it, that’s all that differentiates us from any other animal – the capacity to impose meanings on symbols or objects to organize our thoughts, communities, and cultures. The alphabet, our number systems, our vocabularies, our cultures are nothing but commonly accepted meanings that have been imposed onto arbitrary shapes that early people drew into the sand. 

Now look at us now. 

I said all that to say that symbols are powerful, and that red and white hat is one that tightens my sphincter anytime I see it. 

It was the horocrux that Trump imbued with a piece of his old and rotting soul, and thus I’ve come to see the hat as a symbol of ignorance, xenophobia, egoism, and out right fuckery.

Sometimes it’s not even a Make America Great Again hat. Even the color and style of it is enough to make me roll my eyes.

Now, I have a motley bunch of associates of all races. And some of them (who I really don’t know that well) think it’s cool to wear that shit “ironically.”

“You know I don’t really think that way in real life.”

*rolls eyes*

My thing is…  there’s plenty of things in life that are actually funny.

I think it’s funny how I’m in 20K worth of debt for a goddam degree that everybody told me I needed. 

I think it’s funny how bitches think they can try me in Walmart and cut me in the checkout line. 

I think it’s funny that some of these people out here really thought Donald Trump would be a good president.

The material is endless without you going for the lowest hanging fruit for a laugh. 

Bitch, THIS ain’t funny. This lunatic is going to kill us all. 

And the thing about symbols is that one they are assigned a meaning, it usually sticks and it’s hard to change it. 

So even people who wear the hat just for shits and giggles, or have a similar looking accessory at home, just retire that shit and have a seat. It’s okay. 

Besides, it’s probably best to let it be. The red and white trucker hat has been tainted for all eternity. It ain’t cute any more. 

Cynthia is my Soul Mate

If you haven’t been watching Chewing Gum, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

It’s so fucking funny.

I take so much delight in knowing that I was on this shit before it got popping. I was watching season one on YouTube when it was still only on BBC programming. I feel like if someone made Do The Right Thing into a comedy series set in modern London, it would be Chewing Gum. Aesthetically, the show works. So many colors. So many interesting locations. Interesting character. It makes even Tracy’s estate (I assume what we’d call project housing, here) look appealing and vibrant. It makes you want to be in her world, if only for 22 minutes.

Plus, I’ve developed a new appreciation for British slang and comedy. It’s so unique, yet vaguely familiar.

It’s just something about that melanin. Lately I’ve really been exploring the whole idea of this “African diaspora,” the dispersion of melanated people across the globe as a result of centuries of colonization. And it is continuously becoming evident that no matter how far spread across the globe black folks are, it’s just something about that melanin that’s interesting, exciting, and worth exploring.

Chewing Gum gets two thumbs up.

Guess Who’s Back?

In the treasured pantheon of black comedians, Dave Chappelle holds a special place in my heart.

I used to watch Chappelle Show clips on YouTube when I was younger and I definitely remember watching Killing Them Softly on Comedy Central way waaaay past my bedtime. It’s still one of the funniest specials I’ve ever seen. (Hint: It’s on YouTube, if you haven’t seen it.)

His jokes were smart, relevant, and most importantly, funny. The man is a legend with a brand of comedy all his own and he’s back and in my opinion better than ever.

He always manages to take a joke right to the edge without completely falling to his death. We all know how hard it is to make a tasteful Bill Cosby joke.

And he hasn’t been completely removed in has absence, either. Dave’s been staying woke with the rest of us and had a few things to say about the state of things, as well.

I’ll refrain from spoiling any further but just know Dave Chappelle was and still is that nigga. Kids today will never know.

It’s two thumbs up for me.

All We Got

I can’t stop watching Chance the Rapper’s Grammy Performance.

He’s a treasure. Honestly and Truly.

As for the rest of the program, I didn’t see it, per se. I scrolled through the fallout on Twitter when I got off of work, actually. And the Twitter transcript revealed that the Grammy’s still ain’t shit.

I talked a lot about being optimistic about this awards season and of course it was the Grammy’s that had to shit on my wishful thinking.

L.E.M.O.N.A.D.E ?

Rhianna? Nothing?

Who the fuck is Twenty One Pilots?

The only saving grace for this year’s Grammy’s was Chano taking us all to church for five minutes and that oh-so (un)anticipated appearance by the by Holy Trinity.