This College Life Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair

I’ve had body issues my entire life really. Dare I even say: dysphoria. I’ve always been a thickum and I’ve always had to be conscious of the things I eat so as not to gain any unnecessary weight. Not to mention, much of your social stock as a teenager is determined by how you look. So all through middle and high school, I worked hard … Continue reading This College Life Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair

Black Twitter Strikes Again

The new year brings new energy to the Twitter-verse. The hashtag Black Hogwarts surfaced earlier this week and what’s come of it has been nothing short of gold. Dumbledore’s Homegoing Service. #BlackHogwarts — DeShonMustard (@de_mustard) January 12, 2018 Hermoine: It's leviosaMe: Bitch it's love sosa #BlackHogwarts — Shamil (@shamilyoungb) January 13, 2018 When Harry caught the snitch with his mouth #blackhogwarts — minh … Continue reading Black Twitter Strikes Again

Tis the Season for Addy fueled All nighters

October went by in a fucking blur. Glad that’s over. Evidently, people have taken the liberty to dress up for Halloween all damn month. I’ve never observed Halloween too much, myself. Not even as a kid. It always seemed a bit dumb to me. One time my mom thought it would be fun for me to dress up as a ghost (i.e. a lil bitch … Continue reading Tis the Season for Addy fueled All nighters

Life is Funny Enough Without Your Bullshit

Listening to this recent mailbag episode of The Read has me thinking… In particular, the question called “Trump stole my swag” or something like that. It was a man writing who had just recently been married. Evidently they had hats made with a hashtag and the hats were red and the print was white. Just like Trump’s campaign hat.  Fury and Crissle told him to … Continue reading Life is Funny Enough Without Your Bullshit

Guess Who’s Back?

In the treasured pantheon of black comedians, Dave Chappelle holds a special place in my heart. I used to watch Chappelle Show clips on YouTube when I was younger and I definitely remember watching Killing Them Softly on Comedy Central way waaaay past my bedtime. It’s still one of the funniest specials I’ve ever seen. (Hint: It’s on YouTube, if you haven’t seen it.) His … Continue reading Guess Who’s Back?