Habari Gani?

December 26 kicks off the week of Kwanzaa celebration. Each of the seven days following Christmas, one of the Nguzo Saba (7 Principles) is acknowledged and the signifying candle is lit.

I don’t have a kinara to light this year but in the same way that each candle honors a principle, each day I’ll be posting a reflection here honoring each principle.

A principle is “a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.” This being understood, the seven principles are not one-time observations, they are ways of being. Reflecting on each one on its designated day is an annual ritual for me and a good practice to observe as a sort of evaluation of the past year.

Come along the journey with me! Share your own reflections on the past year and what you’re expecting from the new year.

Day 1: Umoja: Unity
Day 2: Kujichagulia – Self Determination
Day 3: Ujima – Collective Work & Responsibility
Day 4: Ujama – Cooperative Economics
Day 5: Nia – Purpose
Day 6: Kuumba – Creativity
Day 7: Imani – Faith

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