The Wedding Cake

The rhythms of the second line echoed all the way down Canal. People flooded the streets. The prince and princess of the Zulu Krew made their way in the procession atop their float. The air smelled of beignets and sweet alcohol. Even in the Crescent City the atmosphere took on more electricity than it already held on a normal day. On this day, every witnessed a royal union.
It was a float of tremendous proportion, a sight to behold.
Ahead of their float, the band marched playing their horns and drums in cacophonous magic. Anyone in ear shot could not help but to step and sway to their tune. Little children collected their beads from the sky and sidewalk, wherever they could find them.
Single adults sipped from elongated carafes normally made for multiple people. There was no such thing as too much drinking on a day like this.
The band was a sight in their purple and white uniforms. Their hats and the tips of their shoes accented with gold plating. Flash, flare, and fan fare were a speciality of performance and no one could perform like a second line band.
The Zulu prince and princess made their grand entrance into the Quarter atop their monstrous wedding cake. Prince Zulu’s onyx skin shimmered in the light of the golden sunset as if it were overlain with flecks of gold. Dressed in all white, he was a marvel to behold. But not as marvelous as his princess bride. Also dressed in white, her dreadlocks had been fixed into a crown atop her royal head. Her veil was fixed to her crown, flowing behind her like a comets tail, sweeping in the wind as their wedding cake float proceeded down the street in all its ornateness.
It had been a day of parading. As the sun began to set, the golden streetlights flickered on and the lanterns fastened to the adjoining balconies ignited their flames. All eyes were fixed on the magical procession and the wedding cake in the middle of the street topped with the most beautiful beings in all of the Crescent City.
White felt cascaded down the every inch of the two story, three layered cake. The icing ribboning that lined the top edges of each layer was fashioned from royal blue confetti ribbons that shimmered and threw scattered reflections of the golden sun across the balconies and bar fronts. The middle layer hosted four huge, black letters against the pure white felt that read ZULU. The top and bottom layers were accented in golden fleur de lis patterns. The massive cake float was topped with the two most stunning life-sized cake toppers that anyone had ever scene. It was there that the prince and princess of the Zulu were to be married.

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