Organic Mayo???

I’m getting suited to this city shit.

Right now I’m bunking two stops away from my nearest Trader Joe’s. Bodegas are less common here than they are in NYC but there are similar little markets in some neighborhoods that kind of serve the same function.

Prices high as a cat’s back.

I’ll stop off sometimes and get some Gatorade or some blunt wraps but that’s about it. Convenience does indeed cost.

When I think about D.C., one of the first figures that comes to mind is Benjamin Bannecker, the man – a black man – who designed the plan of the city. Off memory, it loosely correlates to an astrological constellation or formation of stars in the shape of a wagon wheel. Of course, the architecture of the roadways is easier to see if you look at a political map, but it’s even more evident when you’re actually driving around or riding in the back of your Uber. You can sort of see the “spoke” patterns in the roadways.

Pretty neat.

Before I moved, I had the intention of going vegan or at least trying to begin that journey. I still have that intention and I actually bought my first bag of non-dairy cheese from Trader Joe’s the other day.

Some words on Trader Joe’s:

Overall, the shit is cute. Unlike those little market/bodega things at the end of the block, Trader Joe’s prices were unexpectedly reasonable. Slightly higher than back home on some items, but that was to be expected. There’s a lot more choices for organic/vegan items, which I love. Tryna get on my health consciousness tip and also my body really seems to be rejecting dairy, red meats, and other processed items more and more with every passing day. So it’s either make  a change or suffer a chronic case of the bubble guts.


Well I’ve been in D.C. for a cute 48 hours now. First of all, D.C. is mad cute. I finally figured out what the hell a city block was – approximately an eighth of a mile. By that estimation, I’ve already walked a mile today. My legs bout to be right.

I’m starting to see that a lot of my anxieties are self imposed. The city isn’t as hard to navigate as I thought it’d be – shoutout to the internet. And the best part is that everyone else is looking down and starring at their phones as they move about too so it’s not totally obviously that I’m a bit out of my depth at the moment.

I’m currently on a Greyhound to NYC. I visited briefly last year for Afropunk but I was with Reuben and not by myself – which I am, this time. It’s a little intimidating. Not gone lie, I took not one, but two shits this morning before I left Reuben’s place. Just nerves. But once I got on the bus, I was fine.

Once you get off of Times Square and out into “the village” – Greenwich, that is – it’s actually quite nice. The energy when I stepped out of Port Authority was on 10. Typical. Two old black men were preparing to square up on the sidewalk as I’m trying to get in my uber and I just took a deep breath and thought, “This is my new home.”

So a bitch is lit for these new beginnings. I’ve got my housing figured out which I’m happy about. Housing is half the battle of moving to NYC and once that’s figured out, everything else pretty much sorts itself out… or so I hear.

Now, I’m back in D.C. and it’s Pride weekend here! I’ve never been to a real Pride, so that’ll be exciting. Nothing’s gone terribly wrong since I’ve been in the city so I’m taking that as a good omen.


#100: A Weekend For the Books

#100: A Weekend For the Books

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