The Kids Are Alright

I was at work earlier this week, closing shift. It was around 7 and I went outside to smoke a cigarette. (A nasty hobby, I know, but food service will do that to you) Naturally, I’m scrolling on my phone, Facebook, Instagram, email. And when I saw that domain in my recents, my heart stopped. I could only see the first line of the email cuz I didn’t have any data, but that was all I needed.

“I wanted to personally congratulate you…”.

I literally gagged. I ran back inside and yelled, “I just got into grad school,” to which everyone rejoiced loud and black-ily.

I’m moving to New York City and iss about to go down!

I’m too excited! With graduation just weeks away, I can’t help but feel like I’m on the precipice of the dopest era of my life. Firmly in my twenties, I’m out for adventure and new experiences. In the months leading up to getting my decision letter, I started coming up with plan B’s for if I didn’t get in. I was determined to get to NYC by hook or by crook and started researching job prospects in the city and cheap living arrangements. Even if I had to pound the pavement to stay there, I would do what it takes to sustain a life in my dream city. But now that I know plan A came through, I’m even more excited to move to a new city.

For someone who is quite introverted, being in a space where peer-to-peer interaction is a encouraged, like a classroom, really helps to lessen my social anxiety. And what better way to meet new, progressive-minded people than in the heart of Manhattan at The New School?

Momma, look I’m grown now, iss about to go down, my heart beating so loud…



I’m sliding into my season like ole’ buddy, here.

Oh, You Grown Now?

I remember last year when I made a post about new shows coming this year, and Grownish was among them. I was excited. Another dope spin off for the culture.

For what it was, I thought the first two episodes had potential. The sophisti-ratch twins, the super woke nigga, baby Basquiat, the first gen student of immigrant parents, that bitch who went to college and bloomed… in a bad way – archetypes of the millennial college student of which I can attest are more or less accurate. The thing about the super woke niggas is that I try to avoid them at all costs. And my mans has a rat tail, but it works, I guess.

As I am not a heterosexual, the whole budding romantic dynamic between Zoey and super woke nigga doesn’t really do much for me. I’m not invested in that at all, but they’re likable. They’re cute.

The best part about the first episode was Charlie. I’m glad his character was apart of the spin off. He’s by far, the wittiest of the show. My favorite character, overall, is Luca. We have the same hair and also partake in the same recreational activities.

My biggest gripe is how they dealt with the whole drug situation. As someone who has dabbled in the weeds and the addys and allat, the second episode was almost patronizing.

This is what happens when people who are not millennials write a show about what they think life as a millennial is like. Why do old people think young people are incapable of making their own decisions. My god, give us some credit. Yes, we know, peer pressure is bad, now what?

That’s not to say that drug use is not a serious and valid topic of focus. It’s important that people be educated about drugs before they decide to ingest/inhale them. But that second episode really gave me some Nancy-Reagan-just-say-no vibes and I just wasn’t here for it. The drug discussion is way more nuanced than what they made it out to be.

And yes, I know they only had 30 minutes. But you can do a lot with 30 minutes. If you’ll recall, A Different World covered shit like binge drinking, consent, and safe sex with the same amount of time and I didn’t feel like I was being preached at.

All in all, the first two episodes get 6 out of 10 stars, for me.

But we’re only two episodes in so, I’ll guess we’ll see how this goes.